Welcome! At LFSW, we work to Recognize, Inspire, Facilitate, and Teach End-of-Life Stewardship.

The Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest enables planned giving to Lutheran ministries throughout Texas and Louisiana- and so much more. LFSW provides one-on-one personalized service to each client, whether an heirless widow in Texas or an oil magnate who wants to support his Lutheran congregation in perpetuity.

With approximately $54.3 million under management, the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest supports eight sponsoring Lutheran agencies—Texas Lutheran University, Lutheran Sunset Ministries, Cross Trails Ministry, Upbring (the new LSSS), the Southwestern Texas Synod, the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Mission Area, the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, and the ELCA Foundation. Donors work with the Foundation to set up deferred gifts which meet the needs of individual financial situations as well as personal stewardship goals. As one pastor said, “LFSW lets people dream and discern their role in the Church…where is God calling you?”

LFSW also works with pastors and congregations to provide free end of life stewardship education, as well as creating and managing endowments. LFSW staff are knowledgeable and committed to Lutheran ministry in all forms. They are not there to sell products, but rather to enable donors to energize and animate the mission of the Gospel.

The resulting vibrant ministry stretches far beyond the Southwest. LFSW is a way of caring for people and ministry…. it is a cycle of mutual care.

Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest helps to bridge the asset rift between generations of the church, to insure that Christ’s ministry continues. As the sun sets on one generation and rises on the next, our stewardship of God’s gifts through that transition will make a difference in the lives of those to come.

The Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest (LFSW) provides comprehensive legacy planning and management services for Lutherans residing in Texas. Our donors often have multiple objectives in their estate planning and LFSW is adept at designing effect legacy plans to meet those objectives, while maximizing the potential available assets to be distributed during the lifetime of the donor, as well as deferred gifts to benefit donors’ families and heirs, the ministries of its sponsoring agencies, and other designated charitable recipients.

LFSW Planned Giving