Enabling our clients’ wishes to use their resources to benefit both their families and the ministries they love.

The Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest facilitates planned giving to Lutheran ministries throughout Texas.


We exist to enable donors to energize and animate the mission of the Gospel. The resulting vibrant ministry stretches far beyond the Southwest. The Foundation is a way of caring for people and ministry…it is a cycle of mutual care.


Using planned giving and financial management tools for Lutherans in Texas, we can provide for your Legacy Planning, Philanthropic Intent, and Asset Management and Distribution needs, along with other services tailored to your specific life circumstances.

At Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest, we work with two primary groups.



The Foundation enables planned giving to ELCA ministries throughout Texas – and so much more. The Foundation provides one-on-one personalized service to each donor who wants to support his Lutheran congregation in perpetuity. Working with family members, The Foundation will help to determine the most sensible, practical, and economical arrangement for satisfying the donor’s objectives and plans for family and charitable beneficiaries, while creating a tax savings whenever possible.



Congregational ministry is a substantive part of the lives of many Texas Lutherans, and The Foundation is an essential partner in sustaining the health of those ministries. Congregations benefit from our clients’ legacy gifts, our help with endowments, financial management and educating members on planned giving. Many of The Foundation clients include their congregation in their legacy planning to continue the ministries that are so close to their hearts. We help to bridge the asset rift between generations of the church, to ensure that Christ’s ministry continues.