Dear Friends,

2023 was another successful year for LFSW. We did over $23.9 million of legacy planning.

The total breakdown is as follows: $335,868 of current gifts developed and paid out in 2023, $5.2 million of currently funded endowments, charitable trusts, managed assets, and $12.99 million of legacy gifts. We also worked with congregations that invested over $5.42 million in the ELCA Ministry Growth Fund.

We also paid out over $1.3 million in endowment income and outright gifts to our Sponsors. In addition, we distributed $483,926 to ELCA congregations, $276,092 to ELCA seminaries, and $436,503 to other Lutheran and non–profit organizations.

LFSW works to Recognize, Inspire, Facilitate,
and Teach Legacy Stewardship.

As always we will listen to the charitable passions of donors and the donors’ vision of how they want to help the ministries near and dear to their heart, and take care of their families. We will facilitate in their quest to create a meaningful legacy plan.

Thanks to our donors who are changing the world, one legacy plan at a time.

Thanks to our strong Sponsors, Board of Trustees and staff, as we continue to grow and spread our ministry.

Moving forward, 2024 will be the year of teamwork and joint discovery with our Sponsors and other ELCA ministries.



Mark S. Armstrong

Mark S. Armstrong, Executive Director

A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.

– Proverbs 11:25

Total Assets and Related Assets

12/31/2023 – $198,445,241