As one pastor told us, “Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest lets people dream and discern their role in the Church…where is God calling you?”

Our congregational services encourage churches to think through issues of good stewardship to enable the on-going mission, passion and ministry priorities of the church. The Foundation offers several areas of assistance to pastors, church leadership teams and church members in planning for ministry continuity.

Endowment Program Design and Management

We work with congregations across Texas to teach, train and design endowment programs. We also assist in their implementation and management of the endowment programs.

Planned Giving Seminars and Program Design

The Foundation is your trusted partner in providing education to congregation members and communities about planned giving. We offer seminars to walk through the basics in easy to understand terms and helpful steps.

We also provide program design to help craft a plan to utilize planned giving tools to meet the goals of the individuals and their families.

Financial Management Best Practices

The Foundation offers congregations guidance with financial management best practices, as congregations learn how to best navigate financial decisions and goals. We can help advise your congregation on financial best practices including internal controls and safety. This resource is an important aspect of sound congregational leadership for the future, and we are proud to partner with you.