The Trotters

Ben and Voleta Trotter were so happy to have a beautiful son who gave them great pride. He never got into trouble and made good grades. He even went to college, getting his bachelor’s degree, then his master’s degree and finally his PhD. He was gainfully employed and just married. The Trotters looked forward to someday being grandparents.

Then the unthinkable happened. They lost their beautiful son from a sudden heart attack. They were devastated and alone. They would comment years later that they had wished the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest had been a part of their lives during those dark days.

After attending a seminar, they knew they would need someone to look after them in their later years. They decided to become clients of LFSW.

This time, when Voleta passed away, Ben was not alone. He had the support and encouragement of the Foundation to help him through those next dark days. They were not the only ones there for him. Ben was living at the Lutheran Sunset Ministries in Clifton, Texas, where he was happy and content until it was time to join Voleta and John.

In his plans he left generous legacy gifts for the Sunset Home to support their caring ministry in serving the elderly through his trust with the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest.