Nancy and Gregg Simpson, Hearts for Helping Others

Reverend Nancy Simpson tends to be a “Closer.” She likes to see goals, projects and other initiatives through to accomplishment. That is true of her ministry and her personal life. In her personal life, she is most content when she can provide for others–usually through the support of various Lutheran ministries. She and her husband Gregg had no hesitation in completing the paperwork that provides for ministry if funds are left at the end of their lives.


“Writing a check that helps a ministry makes me smile–I wish I could do it more often,” she says quietly. Her commitment to others and the ministry of Christ love is so strong that Nancy has created a legacy goal with “End-of-Life Stewardship.” She and her husband Gregg, made plans through the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest to benefit ministry when they are no longer demonstrating love during their lifetime. They will leave funds to numerous charities upon their death.


In her vocation, she is surrounded by congregation members who also give to others. Her energy and enthusiasm mixed with the dedication of numerous St. Paul ministries is a great gift to the community. We appreciate Pastor Nancy Simpson, her husband, Gregg, and the ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Baytown, Texas. Thank you Nancy and Gregg for helping others now and in the future with your gift!