Meet Joe and Geraldine Romaine Miles

Making the Most of Growing Old Together!

As a congregation member at Advent Lutheran in Houston, Texas, Geraldine Romaine appreciated her church and the ministry there. She and her husband Richard were a part of the church family for many years. But as time goes by and life’s cycle changes our world, one realizes our only permanence is in Christ. This is another opportunity to rely on the Lord with even greater fervor!


After Geraldine’s husband, Richard Romaine died, Geraldine was alone, but enjoyed and appreciated her church family at Advent even more. “Every good and perfect gift is from above and comes from the Father” (James 1:17) and Geraldine knew the gift of a loving family was of God.


Over time, ‘Gerry’ became close with a long-time family friend who had lost his wife—Joe Miles. Over the next nine years their love and caring for each other grew. They were married in the church on May 9, 2011 by the Pastor Larry Beck of Advent. They had almost two years of respect and admiration for each other in a loving husband and wife relationship before Joe passed away in 2013.


Geraldine had no children from her first marriage, but she inherited an entire family complete with grandchildren when she married Joe Miles. Rather than place roadblocks in the way or their marriage at advanced ages, the family received Geraldine enthusiastically. When Geraldine gave up her home to live with Joe at their marriage, she graciously wanted one of the “step-grandchildren” to have it. Those kindnesses will never be forgotten by Joe’s family. Even after his passing, his children continued to care for Gerry with the same care they had provided Joe.


Gerry was always grateful for Joe’s daughter Kay and son-in-law, John Majewski in the blessing of a second family. She was also grateful for her years at Advent Lutheran Church. She returned her appreciation to the church by leaving a bequest in her Last Will and Testament for the church. The donation became the seed funding for the Advance Advent Endowment Fund. The rest of us can help it grow the future.