The Oestreichs


Helen and Clarence Oestreich were devoted Christians and faithful Lutherans all their lives. While Clarence was a pastor and loving husband, father, and community leader, Helen ministered to individual congregation members needs and did just about everything needed at church from teaching Sunday School to playing the organ for worship services. Married for 69 years, together they built a life based on the principles of giving to others.

This faithful Lutheran couple served congregations all across Texas while they raised their family. Even in retirement, the Oestreichs continued to bless others with ministry. Clarence provided services in neighboring churches and communities and Helen was often at his side throughout the many activities and worship services as he served during interim and pulpit supply throughout central Texas. After Clarence’s death, Helen remained faithful to her church routines and acknowledged the work of others with a smile on her face and a kind word for all.

They are together again in glory, and their legacy will live on through the donation they designated for Lutheran ministries in their “end-of-life stewardship” plans. Both of them wanted to see the next generation of Lutherans serving God in ways that glorify His bounty and goodness. Thank you Helen and Clarence, for your vision and blessing to others paying it forward for future generations.