Young Man With a Vision for Christ’s Mission on Earth


When it comes to Legacy Giving, we often think older Christians, probably senior citizens who have raised children, perhaps put them through school, and set them on a pathway to success. Often these older Christians see a vision of God’s economy and have been successful enough to know if there are funds left over after other responsibilities are met, distribution of Will and Estate Plans will leave a percentage or specific amount to Lutheran ministry.


But Caleb Shaw is not typical. The apostle Paul say, “We are a peculiar people, a royal priesthood.” We should never be surprised by the love of brothers and sisters in Christ for their fellow man. Such is the case with Caleb. As a young man, because of a wonderful Christian upbringing, he began an early appreciation for the Lord’s service. He experienced faith affirmation with camp ministry that created great positive memories, but also experienced the desperation of others in the aftermath of disaster by lending aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.


Since Caleb’s father is a lay pastor volunteering his services for a congregation, giving of himself comes natural to Caleb too. He has an appreciation for the funds it takes to serve others.


Caleb wasted no time after attending a Legacy Giving Seminar to set up a meeting with the synod’s gift planner. “With no current plans for marriage or further responsibilities, other than funds for his mom to cover small obligations in case of death, I am in favor of any other funds supporting my three top ministries of choice when I’m gone. I certainly won’t need it at that point and love the idea of assets going to the Lord’s work with no further hassle to make it happen.” Things may change for Caleb, but his love for the work of the Lord will not change.


We admire your maturity, vision, and foresight to plan for the unlikely now, but the inevitable later.


Thank you Caleb, and others like you who understand God’s economy of end-of-life stewardship with blessings that continue beyond this life to the next with the Lord. s