Bill Derrick

Bill Derrick is a retired pastor in the Brenham area. He is very active but lost his wife years ago to cancer. He is legally blind, but an inspiration to all who know him. His management trust with the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest has been a source of comfort and satisfaction in his life. The ministries he values have been blessed by his mother before him and now he continues the legacy with his own plan. Recently, Bill set up a scholarship for any student at his church who wants to become an ELCA pastor. As the endowment grows, so will the benefits to his church and to the young people who follow his lead.

“As a retired pastor, it is a good feeling of confidence to know that stewardship has been an expression of my faith in life; and will be even unto the end of my time on earth. My wife and I tried to live out our values. I am fulfilled to know my life has served the Lord in many ways. It has been positive experience to set up an end-of-life stewardship plan through the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest. To bless ministry in the name of the Lord is an eternal joy!”