Meet Barbara Brown, a “good and faithful servant.”


Barbara Brown is a woman who deals with life’s situations with calm grace, God’s comfort and continued resolve to be in God’s will whatever the circumstances. She is grateful for each day that she can help others in some way.


Raised in a rural environment with two brothers, she is very “matter of fact” about the ups and downs of life. Her parents were farmers and went to church whenever they could. Blessed to grow up in a rural environment, they later moved to Louise, Texas with a variety of Lutheran influences she now cherishes.


When it comes to the issues of planning for the end-of-life, Barbara has no hesitation thinking through how and where she would like her assets to benefit others. Barbara says, “I’ve done my best to make deliberate decisions that will make the most of the assets the Lord has given me for my family and ministry benefits. Even my daughter is proud of my decision to include charity in my long-range planning.” Having decision making control over her assets for the Lord’s work appeals to her “eternal” outlook and perspective.


Barbara has worked in private enterprise with the Houston Chronicle and then with the local Chamber of Commerce. Several years later, when an opportunity came up for her to work in her Lutheran church’s office, she took it! She became the administrative assistant for New Life Lutheran Church in Pearland, Texas. She served in that role until just recently when she decided to retire.


With some recently diagnosed health issues, she has not let circumstances define her, or let it stop her from making contributions to several of the church’s ministries with her time. She fills in quite often for the replacement secretary and others rely on her regularly. Barbara is an officer for the Women in ELCA cluster group and enjoys the fellowship they share as sisters in Christ.


Thank you Barbara, for considering ministry as a beneficiary of your assets! For many reasons, Barbara Brown of Pearland is a good and faithful servant of Christ with her time, talent and other resources.