Dear Friends,

With our ever strengthening relationship with our sponsoring agencies and other ELCA ministries, The Foundation continues to carry out its mission:


In this mission we help to bridge the asset rift between generations of the church, to insure that Christ’s ministry continues. As the sun sets on one generation and rises on the next, our stewardship of God’s gifts through that transition will make a difference in the lives of those to come.


Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest Works to Recognize, Inspire, and Facilitate Legacy Stewardship.


2016 was another good year. The legacy process is starting to show measurable results. In 2016, we set up 16 legacy agreements, three current gifts, and eight new ELCA Fund A agreements. This all totaled $2.382 million. We also paid out over $900,000 in endowment income and outright gifts to our Sponsors. We also distributed income or outright gifts to ELCA Churches in Texas for $327,038, ELCA seminaries for $202,597, and Lutheran Universities outside of Texas for $87,153.


In 2017 we will continue across the synod areas working with congregations on setting up endowments, and creating a flow of legacy gifts so they may reach sustainability. We will continue to work with congregations on their legacy plan, and a way to reach sustainability. We will meet with individuals, and show how they can help their congregation, and our sponsors, and how they can change the world through their legacy plan.


Thanks to our strong Sponsors, Board of Trustees, and Staff, 2017 should be an exciting year as we continue to grow and spread our ministry.

Mark S. Armstrong, Executive Director

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

– Matthew 6:21

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